Monday, April 20, 2015

What Do Family Lawyers Do? Three Things to Know

We are often asked what do family lawyers do? It’s a fair question, because family law has a wide range of legal issues to handle. As family lawyers in Murfreesboro, we see and interact with people that are hurting, lack clarity, and have a lot of questions. Here are three things that our local family lawyers do on a regular basis.

Identify Your NeedsAs family lawyers, our first goal is to identify your wants and needs. The way we do that is to listen first. This may seem cliché; however, it is only through listening that an experienced family lawyer can truly assist clients in getting the legal help they need.

Create a Game PlanThe second thing we do is help you come up with a game plan, or outline if you will, that will assist you in obtaining your goals. Frequently, we compare clients to a fish in a fish bowl under a running faucet. The client doesn’t really know if they are coming or going; they just know that water is pouring in. Things that seem abundantly clear if you are on the outside all of the sudden are not so clear when you are going through such turmoil and uncertainty regarding your children and money.

Put Clients in Position to WinThe third thing we do is help you get in a position to obtain your goals. Sometimes, our job is to get clients into the correct programs or treatment options. Sometimes, our job is to tell someone they must abandon their extra-marital relationship. Sometimes, our job is to get clients into rehabilitation. Our job always involves collecting the right information and using it in the most powerful way for our clients.

At minimum, you will leave our office in a way that you are educated from all sides about your family law issue and in a much better position to make educated, rational decisions.

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